Director . Cinematographer . Editor


My name is Joanna, but you can call me Jo. I am a director, cinematographer and editor working within the realms of narrative and documentary film. I've always been curious about the personal experiences of others and the complex findings of what it means to be human. Through my work as a filmmaker, I aim to tell stories that are authentic depictions of these experiences.

Additionally, the exploration of relationships, both familial and intimate, as well as the relationship of self, can be observed in my narrative and non-fiction work. My first short film, Childish, which ruminates on this subject matter, premiered at Cannes International Film Festival's Short Film Corner in May 2016.

When I'm not crafting my next film project, I work with brands to create meaningful, story driven, digital video content.
If you are interested in any of these things, I would love to hear from you.